Are you fully engaged? How to improve your engagement in the workplace.

With the recent Gallup Survey revealing that a mere 15% of employees are engaged in the workplace and with lack of  teacher engagement leading to 2.3 million missed workdays, it is clear that there are issues which must be addressed. However, is engagement really all down to the employer or can employees take steps to improve their own engagement in the workplace? If you are feeling particularly disengaged at work, these are some simple actions you can take to pull it back and make your workplace a more enjoyable place to be.

Voice your concerns

If there are issues you are concerned about or you don’t feel particularly happy with any aspects of your job, it is important to voice your concerns. You can’t really expect changes to be made, if no one knows how you’re feeling, so make sure you communicate well. In doing this, you can become happier in the workplace and thus, more engaged.

Make plans and stick to them

A lack of engagement can occur for all kinds of reasons and quite often, it could be down to feeling that you are not being quite as productive as you could be. If you want to improve your productivity, it will be hugely beneficial to make a list of tasks for the day and stick to them. The more you achieve, the more engaged you will feel and the more enjoyable the job will become.

Offer ideas

If you have some suggestions for ways to improve the curriculum or how the organisation runs in general, don’t be afraid to share them. When you share ideas you feel like you are contributing more and this can help to improve your engagement. Even more so if you see your ideas come to fruition!

Be part of the company

If you want to feel completely engaged at work, you need to become part of the organisation, rather than  a separate entity working for the company. The more entwined you feel with the organisation, the greater your engagement will be, which is beneficial for helping you achieve your own goals, as well as those of the organisation. Some ways to achieve this are to join in with events, find out more about what’s going on and to offer assistance wherever possible. It may be that you can take time to organise some ‘out of school hour’ events or give your time in some other way.

Get friendly

There is a lot to be said for having support in the workplace, so if you have not built a good network around you, it may be time to start. If you have people you can trust and talk to about aspects of your job, you may find that this will help with your contentment in the workplace and your engagement levels.  The workplace can be a very lonely place without support and it can lead to a serious drop in morale if you don’t have people around you to confide in.

Although it is important that the leaders in your organisation take the time to listen and support you to help your engagement, it is also partly your own responsibility too. If you want to get the best out of your job, engagement is they key!