"TeacherHQ really did an amazing job in helping me get a teaching job in London. Moving to a different country can be daunting, but being able to count on TeacherHQ to help me in finding a job really supported me during this exciting (but stressful) time! I moved to London and started straight away as a full time teacher in a school with great colleagues! Thank you for the help and support!"

Daniella Olivia, Secondary English Teacher


“TeacherHQ helped me find a Maths teacher role in East London College. They supported me very well throughout the process. I recommend TeacherHQ if you are looking for a teaching role in London. Thank you for your help and support!”

Barbara Pupiec, Secondary Maths Teacher


“Tobie worked really hard to find a school that I thought would be a good fit for me - I was quite picky! He was always polite and friendly, easy to get hold of and patient when trying to get in touch with me :) I have just accepted a job in the last few days through TeacherHQ and am looking forward to beginning working there in February 2018.”

Kate McMenamin, Secondary English Teacher


“I have been a teacher for 18 years... looking for a teaching post last summer proved to be harder than I could have imagined. It was obviously a relief in so many ways when I was contacted about my current vacancy. I went to the interview expecting another disappointment and it was such a positive experience... I am very grateful to TeacherHQ for setting up the opportunity to make this possible.”

Haidee Roche, Primary Classroom Teacher